Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hey!! Instead of sending out emails I thought I would update this once a week or so and invite you to check in and see how things are with us!!!


msquared said...

Love the site. Just wish you had a pic of me about 6pm yesterday. You could title it "My Daddy after a Rocky Point Younglife trip"

Love you both, DAD

msquared said...

...and too bad they don't make scratch and sniff computer screens!

DAD again.

Randy the Realtor said...

Wow Mark...Good to hear you and Merci went to Mexico with Young Life. I hope you had a good trip.
Hello Kimberly and Jason from
Randy the Realtor

Grammajoan said...

This is GREAT!!! Another new experience which proves that you can teach an old Gramma new tricks.
Looking forward to those weekly reports. Wonderful way to keep in contact over the miles.

Love you both so very much,

Debbie J. said...

KIMBERLEAH!!! Greetings from SoCali 'lil lady! Love you...mean it and glad you're loving CO! Come out here for some sun & surf!
Love, Debbie and "The" Judge :)