Sunday, July 20, 2008


So sorry for the delay on these pictures. The day we landed in Denver from Hawaii we drove straight to Crooked Creek Ranch for a three week assignment. Now we are home and rested....please enjoy!!

Our arrival in Kauai

This is Wiallea Falls. We kayaked arms were soooooo tired.

Not really sure where this was...but Jason was Happy!!
We spent one day at Pearl Harbor in was wonderful. Here we are on the U.S.S Missouri
Jason and Austin
Jason and I pretending how to surf.

My first Luau
Me with the band!!
Still not sure where this is.
Our Kayaks.

Haylie took this picture.
Behind us is Hanalei. We had drinks at the Princeville Resort
From the balcony
Us on the plane on the way home...sooooooooooo tired.
and sad
Austin and me.....

What a wonderful trip we had!!!

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