Thursday, August 14, 2008

A great week!!!!!!!!

We had such a great week. Here are some pictures!! Enjoy

Lauren took me to get a pedicure for my birthday!!!

Thanks Lauren

This is Jason and I in our new sleeping bags!!!!!

This is sweet Pierson Reiger having a chocolate cupcake at our wine and chocolate party

Maren, Courtney and me.

Kate, Marlin and Gillian

Jason accidentally ran into Courtney and red wine went ALL over her. Sorry Courtney


cristopher said...

ha ha i did that on purpose

courtney said...

oh, did you LOSE to me on purpose too??? doubt it. i win. at everything.

cristopher said...

you win at nothing you got lucky and your skirt paid the price for it

Gavin's Blogger said...

A great picture.